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Unlike other lead generation companies, we are run by brokers for brokers. We intimately understand what it’s like to be a successful broker. It’s for this reason our Broker and Lender partners achieve market-leading results consistently.

John Maxwell

Group CEO
& Sales Director

As our Group CEO, John provides strategic advice on the overall vision, strategy, and sales aspects of our group. John started his financial services career as a mortgage broker over 25 years ago & set numerous industry team & sales records. He’s built large national teams, owned & managed 9 mortgage franchises, & run multiple financial services groups. He’s worked with all levels of brokers, lenders, aggregators, & allied professionals. 

Oscar Zhuo

Director | Head of Marketing & Operations

Oscar has an extensive background in project management. Previously, he was National Operations Manager for a prominent mortgage brokerage firm with over 100 brokers. Oscar makes the magic happen in the background with each lender & broker campaign. He plays a key role in managing both the operations & marketing divisions of the company as well as Broker Desk & Privy Capital divisions. 

Simon Wilkins Headshot

Simon Wilkins

Head of Property Education

Simon is our Sydney based Head of Property Education. He brings a wealth of knowledge in property. Simon was also previously a senior leadership coach. Simon now dedicates his time to assisting brokers in NSW & across Australia to help their clients to secure the right properties.

Nolan Leo headshot

Nolan Leo

Head of SMSF

Nolan joins our team as our Melbourne based Head of SMSF Education. He brings a wealth of knowledge in SMSF Lending. Nolan now dedicates his time to assisting brokers in VIC & across Australia to help their clients secure the right SMSF finance solutions.

Phil Robison headshot

Phil Robison

Off-Market Property Specialist

Phil brings a wealth of knowledge in property. He helps brokers find off-market established or new build, affordable cashflow positive gems for your clients. Phil was also previously a successful mortgage broker & mortgage manager. Phil now dedicates his time to assisting brokers across Australia to scale their business safely.

New Team Member

Coming Soon!

NEW Business Development Manager - NSW

Stay tuned to see our new BDM joining the Uptick Team in NSW. We can’t wait to introduce you to them. 

If you’d like to join our team, reach out to our CEO, John Maxwell, for a confidential interview and you could become our newest team member! This is a very exciting time to join our highly awarded team.

Vikki Davies, Melbourne BDM - Content Solutions

Vikki Davies

National Content Solutions BDM - VIC

Vikki is our National Content Solutions BDM, dedicated to supporting mortgage brokers across Australia committed to transforming their social media presence with our bespoke content solutions, & demonstrating our brand new, market-leading done-for-you content solutions for brokers.

Jason Coombe headshot

Jason Coombe

National BDM, Private Funding Solutions - NSW

Jason is based in Sydney & heads up one of our newest divisions in The Uptick Group. Jason brings an extensive background in mortgage broking & especially private funding. He now dedicates his time to assisting brokers in NSW & across Australia to secure & settle private funding deals fast & at the lowest effective cost. 

New Team Member

Hello, Brisbane!

Business Development Manager - QLD

We are currently on the look out for our newest BDM to join the Uptick family in SE QLD. If you’re looking for an exciting & rewarding new role, send your resume to our Group CEO, John and YOURS could be the next photo added HERE!

New Team Member

Hello, Melbourne!

Business Development Manager - VIC

We are currently on the look out for our newest BDM to join the Uptick family in Melbourne. If you’re looking for an exciting & rewarding new role, send your resume to our Group CEO, John and YOURS could be the next photo added HERE!

New Team Member

We're Hiring in Perth!

Business Development Manager - WA

We are currently on the look out for our newest BDM to join the Uptick family in Perth. If you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding new role, send your resume to our Group CEO, John and YOURS could be the next photo added HERE!

Bella Maxwell Headshot

Bella Maxwell

Head of Brand

Bella plays a key role in the overall marketing, media & communications of our group brands. From media strategy, social media to EDM’s, Bella’s got it covered & ensures the right message gets out to the right audience. Yes, Bella’s also John’s wife (& makes him look great!).

Adora Flores

Group HR Manager

Adora ensures HR runs smoothly across our whole group by managing all aspects of interviewing, recruitment, onboarding & other personnel tasks. Adora ensures all teams operate efficiently whilst fostering a positive work culture. An instrumental team member.

Ray Wang

Marketing Strategist

Ray coordinates our team to develop & perfect our marketing performance. From creative design, building funnels, analysing algorithms, and developing our marketing channels. Strategy is part of his DNA. ‘All in a day’s work’, he says. Ray is an invaluable part of our leadership team.

Joshua Maxwell Levison

Account Executive & Content Management

Josh is our CEO’s talented son. He has a strong passion for IT and also has a strong creative flair, taking after his Dad. He also works within our content team directly with John & Bella, supporting our Broker Partners who are utilising our bespoke content solutions. Josh is also studying Criminology at Uni.

Giann Rafio

Administration & Human Resource Manager

Giann ensures everthing (and everyone) runs smoothly. From onboarding new team members, a myriad of administrative & managerial tasks, to creating a team culture second to none, enabling every team member to shine. Nothing short of amazing! Giann puts a smile on everybody’s face 🙂

Clary Mursalim

Website Design, Marketing & Coding

Clary works on our website & landing page designs, coding &  leads funnels. She plays an important role in our marketing team to ensure all of our websites & leads funnels are in top shape and operating at peak performance. She’s also key in building our many Broker Partner website projects

Anthony Ken Manawatao

Anthony Manawatao

Sales Executive & CSO

Anthony is one of our dedicated telesales team. He is one of our talented team who create more customer connections & appointments for our broker partners. He is also dedicated to introducing brokers to our suite of services for mortgage brokers.

Jhovyn Zerna head shot

Jhovyn Zerna

Sales Executive & CSO

Jhovyn is our longest serving Telesales executive who is commited to ensuring all inbound mortgage brokers are connected to one of our dedicated BDM’s. He’s also responsible for connecting many customers to our grwoing list of broker partners.

Chad Fernandez

Sales Executive

Chad works closely with broker partners wanting to access our lead generation services in particular. He seeks to understand your business growth goals & identifies opportunities to help your business scale before passing you over to one of our dedicated BDM’s.

Franchesca Libron headshot

Franchesca Libron

Sales & Accounts Executive

Franchesca is one of our most versatile team executives. She is responsible for not only connecting brokers to our BDM’s, but also books in customer appointments for many of our successful broker partners. Chesca has recently been promoted to support Kenn managing our fast growing broker partners, and is also our telesales team leader & top performer.

Kenneth Muncal

Senior Campaign & Accounts Manager

Kenn is our senior customer-centric Accounts Manager who builds lasting client relationships while effectively managing their leads campaigns. Her hard work & commitment managing broker partner relationships is what has earned her a recent promotion. Kenn is loved by all of our broker partners across Australia.

AJ Christian Alaba Headshot

AJ Christian Alaba

Systems & Automations

AJ is the person behind our smooth-running technology & systems! There’s not much he doesn’t know about the Uptick CRM, setting up & maintaining the seamless automations brokers have grown to love. He ensures everything runs smooth & is there in a flash to fix any problems as they arise. AJ lights up our team environment with his leadership and bright personality.

Maria Galano headshot

Maria Galano

Ads Specialist

Maria’s the brain behind our punchy & slick ad campaigns, constantly finding fresh cutting-edge ways to put us on the map. She’s always strategising new & innovative ways to spotlight our brands. With her sharp insight & creativity, she ensures our ads always stand out in the crowd and is lightning quick to analyse & improve our campaign effectiveness.

UM Headshot Kai

Kai Cabalan

Marketing Executive

Kai is Uptick’s resident IT guru. Her passion? Keeping our systems well-oiled and running like clockwork. When she’s not fine-tuning our IT operations or untangling automation puzzles, you might catch her immersed in the latest tech trends or mastering new efficiency-boosting techniques. She has a knack for turning complex into simple, and chaos into calm.

Shai Correa Headshot

Shai Correa

Marketing Executive

Shai works on our marketing creatives, ads creatives, funnels, content and much more. She is a pivotal team member and seamlessly works between divisions and often with multiple team members every day. Shai spends a lot of time in our Cocalex Content division but don’t be fooled, she’s as busy as a bee across all of our Brands simultaneously.

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