We're shortlisted as Broker Marketing Platform of the Year for a Reason.

Uptick has changed the way lead generation is done in the finance industry. Run by brokers for brokers – we work together with you to maximise success from Day 1. 

We get in the trenches with you.


Spots Remaining for 2023

Broker Marketing Platform of the Year, Finalist, Australian Broker Awards 2023

Best Industry Service

Finalist, Australian Mortgage Awards 2023

70% Conversation Rate
Est. Contact Results

20% Conversion Rate
Est. Settlement Results

Trusted by Over
100 Brokers & Lenders

A Support Team

 of over 60 Staff

That's why our brokers
are achieving market leading results.

Discover why our brokers consistently achieve market-leading results. At Uptick Marketing, we provide the tools, strategies, and support needed to unleash your full potential. From tailored lead generation solutions to advanced marketing techniques, we empower brokers to excel in their industry and outperform the competition.

Contact Rate


Uptick Marketing Est. Avg


Industry Est. Avg

Conversion Rate


Uptick Marketing Est. Avg


Industry Est. Avg

Why we're Different From The Rest

Skip the legwork of generating qualified leads, and go straight to closing more deals.

18 Data Points

Up to 18 data points received from each lead - that's almost double the industry's average. All leads are both SMS & email verified.

Unique Leads

All leads provided are unique to you only. No lead recycling, multi-sharing, or re-sharing. You won't have to compete with other advisers receiving the same lead.

Targeted, Niche Leads

Targeted, niche campaigns to reach clients you want, not a mish-mash of whatever is generated. Giving you a competitive advantange as a finance specialist.

Flexible Campaign Structuring

Unrivalled flexible partnership remuneration structures & tailored leads flow. Campaigns designed & paced to meet your business model & workflow needs. Never get overwhelmed or overloaded.

Ongoing Training & Support

Unmatched training & support program. Our personalised campaign set-up program ensures you're ready to win. PLUS you get our comprehensive follow-up sales cycle, SMS & email templating guides.

Active Campaign Management

The only truly personalised lead generation partnership. Active campaign monitoring, coaching, & proactive customer satisfaction calls to maximise your call connection & contact rate.

We Have the best replacement policy in the industry

We’re only interested in attracting your ideal customers. Our industry-leading replacement policy covers: 

Some of the Digital
Campaigns We Do

You can be assured your leads are only received by you.

We Can Even Find Diamonds in Your Own Database

When was the last time you touched your own database? If you answered a while ago, there is likely gold within them.

So don’t buy leads, let our trained team help you find some diamonds.

How Does Uptick Marketing Work?

Uptick Marketing makes it easy to increase subscriptions, leads, and sales from existing traffic! Our three-step process boosts conversions and business growth. We’ll help you improve sales and customers. 


Read on to see how our solution works!

Step 1

Define your
target market

First, establish your desired target market, including demographics and qualities. We learn about your business and target demographic to design a unique marketing campaign that generates high-quality leads for your business.

Step 2

Launch targeted campaigns

We will conduct targeted marketing efforts to generate leads for your brokerage after defining your target market. This includes bespoke landing pages, targeted social media ads, and targeted emails to new clients.

Step 3

Follow up
with leads

Finally, we drop the leads live into your portal. We give ongoing support to optimise your lead generation and conversion processes, so you can continually achieve market-leading outcomes

Don't take our word for it

The Uptick Group: The premier resource hub for brokers

Lead generation is just the beginning. 


8 Divisions. 1 Vision. 

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